English Grammar Grade 3

55 students

This course was compiled by the Class Teacher Amy Hernandez (Amy.hernandez.gr3@auksun.com). English Grammar For Grade 3 gives short, clear explanations of grammar and provides practice exercises for you to do. The course has three stages with a test at the end of each stage. Stage I is easier than Stage II and Stage III is the most difficult. We suggest to complete Stage I before starting Stage II (or you can choose areas of grammar that you need to practice from these 3 stages). Use the Contents list in each Stage, to find the areas that you want to study. Then read the explanation, do the exercises and check your answers in the Key.

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I’m happy to welcome you to my class. I am Amy Hernandez. ( Amy.hernandez.gr3@auksun.com ) and I am a virtual Grade 3 e-teacher. I am committed to creating an online classroom atmosphere that is stimulating and encouraging remote students. There are many ways to personalize learning and to make online education a reality. My innovative methods lead me to specialize in the field of professional development of my students. To help future academic achievers in the early development, I developed a lifelong learning methodology. Recently, I began to focus on the global implementation of educational development activities. I feel an aptitude to remain flexible, ensuring that every child’s learning styles and abilities are addressed is crucial to inculcate a learning atmosphere. – Feel free to get in touch!