Mathematics Grade 3

54 students

Mathematics Grade 3

Hi there FOLKS,

Mathematics is not only Adition and Subtraction. It is much more than that.

Mathematics is spread over all the grades in our school. Like, Addition and Subtraction in Grade 2, Fractions in Grade 4 etc. It advances in each grade.

In our Grade 3, we will learn about Multiplication and Division.

Multiplying means adding a number again and again.

And Division is splitting a number into equal parts or groups.

So let’s get started. I’m sure you’ll love it.

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  • 1 Equal Groups in Multiplication
  • 2 Lattice Multiplication
  • 3 Introduction to Division
  • 4 Standard Algorithm in Division



I’m happy to welcome you to my class. I am Amy Hernandez. ( ) and I am a virtual Grade 3 e-teacher. I am committed to creating an online classroom atmosphere that is stimulating and encouraging remote students. There are many ways to personalize learning and to make online education a reality. My innovative methods lead me to specialize in the field of professional development of my students. To help future academic achievers in the early development, I developed a lifelong learning methodology. Recently, I began to focus on the global implementation of educational development activities. I feel an aptitude to remain flexible, ensuring that every child’s learning styles and abilities are addressed is crucial to inculcate a learning atmosphere. – Feel free to get in touch!